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Make Money by Playing ​Games

You can now experience the excitement of ​Pandora's Escape in the PandoraMall App!

Earn at your comfort. It's time to test your skills ​and see if you have what it takes to conquer ​Pandora's Escape. Outsmart the killer, win cash ​prizes, and experience the thrill. Best of luck!

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Best Online ​Mystery Box

in the Philippines

Time to Shop and Win!


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Our App is fast, safe and secure


Recharge or Top Up money

We accept all e-wallet and major credit cards


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Our wide range of boxes you can simply enjoy


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Easily see what product you end up


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Simply resell the product you dont like and choose the ones you like



Have the Item you like delivered

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Over 20,000+ products

The highest value product reaches P200,000

The open box price ranges from P99 - P1500

100% guarantee no empty box

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BEST Online ​Mystery Boxes

We are the 1st App selling online mystery box in ​the Philippines that operates legally. Our App has ​the highest number of downloads and ​installations making us the top choice!

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At PandoraMall we've crafted a unique online ​experience where our customer earns with us ​when they share the app with their friends and ​network. Watch your earnings grow through our ​exciting affiliate program!

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We can’t wait to learn from your positive ​online shopping experience! Best of luck ​unboxing your favourite mystery boxes!